MDOs 2024-25

As part of the responsibilities, all MD officers are expected to submit 4 reports for consideration at 

Council meetings by the following dates in the Lionistic year 2024-2025.

7th July report deadline for Council meeting 26th 28th July

29th September report deadline for Council meeting 19th 20th October

5th January report deadline for Council meeting 24th 26th January

14th April report deadline for Council meeting at the MD Convention 8th May 11th May

Please Note: You will also need to submit a report for Convention by the first week

of April. The exact date will be advised nearer the time.

Please send your reports to Brigitte at National HQ, and CCE Kav and your portfolio holder by the deadline dates.

Council Reports and Officers:

A Council Treasurer Portfolio -PCC Lion Philip Goodier

A1 Council Treasurer Report - PCC Lion Philip Goodier

A2 Deputy Treasurer - DG Lion David McKirdy

A3 Insurance- Lions Clubs National HQ (Brigitte)

A4 Foundation- PCC Lion Stewart Sherman-Kahn

B Global Action Portfolio-Council Chair

B1 Global Leadership- PCC Lion Alastair Joel

B2 Global Membership- Lion Sue Wilding

B3 Global Service-PID Lion Phil Nathan MBE

B4 Childhood Cancer-Lion Kelly Marie Thompson

B5 Diabetes- PDG Lion Keith Hedges

B6 Environment- Lion Alan Sandeman (Chair) -Lion Kam-Lion Richard Allen

B7 Hunger-PDG Lion Chris Hibbert

B8 Vision-Lion Sue Taylor

B9 Activity Alliance-Lion Penny Tregillus

B10 Brain Tumour Research- No one appointed yet

B11 Medic Alert - PDG Lion Tony Buchan

B12 MIAB- Lions Clubs National HQ

B13 Prostate Lion Jon Lines

B14 Physical and Learning Disabilities-PDG Lion Tony Buchan

B15 Refugee -CCE Lion Kavaljit Dev

B16 SOGB - PCC Lion Alastair Joel

B17 Speech and hearing-Lion Penny Tregillus

B18 Vision Screening- PCC Lion Peter Burnett

B19 WASH - PDG Lion Ujjal Kular

C Council Chair Portfolio- Currently Lion David Pope and from July 1st PDG Lion Kavaljit Dev

C1 Council Chair - Currently Lion David Pope and from July 1st PDG Lion Kavaljit Dev

C2 CNRO - Lion Trevor Kell

C3 SDC- and from July 1st IPCC Lion David Pope

C4 Patron Liaison- PDG Lion Patrick Hamblin

C5 Events officer PDG Lion Dave Ebsworth

C6 Compliance - IPDG Lion James Mathers

C7 Vulnerable Persons- Lion Christine Munday

C8 Data Protection - Lion Robyn Banks

C9 Health & Safety - Lion Andrew Wilcox

C10 International Convention - Currently PCC Lion Philip Goodier. From July 1st PCC Lion Peter Burnett

D Council Secretary's Portfolio -PCC Lion Peter Burnett

D1 Council Secretary-PCC Lion Peter Burnett

D2 National Headquarters- Lion Brigitte Green

D3 Communications Coordinator -PCC Lion Peter Burnett and Lion Brigitte Green

D4 IT officer- Lion Dave Allen

D5 Lions Magazine- Lion Mandy Broadbent

D6 Marketing and PR -Lion Mandy Broadbent

E Youth Portfolio

E1 Youth Coordinator Youth Review - currently PDG Lion Doreen Allen

E2 YLIS - Lion Colin Marsh

E3 Young Ambassador - Lion Paul Murphy

E4 Youth Exchange - PCC Lion Philip Goodier

E5 Peace Poster- Lions Clubs National HQ

E6 LEOS Alpha & Omega- PDG Lion Doreen Allen

E6 ROAR - Lion David Skinner

F International Portfolio

F1 Korle Bu - PID Lion Howard Lee

F2 Gift for Living - PiD Lion Phil Nathan MBE

F3 International relations - No appointment

F4 LCIF - CC Lion DAvid Pope